About this website

This site is image database of parasitoid wasps (especially Ichneumonoidae) running by the project team of biodiversity informatics of parasitoid wasps (Watanabe, Ito, Fujie & Shimizu). This site is specializing in up load of the  image of parasitoid wasps. For more details about parasitoid wasps, please check our website ISPW.

Representative manager of this site is So SHIMIZU.

Caution points of using this site

① About using the image 

 Parasitoid wasps are large taxon and they are extremely resembling in body coloration or morphology, so that identification by only using this site is not recommended.

② About the way of quoting

  We can permit using the image of this site, if you use for the personal purpose and non-commercial purposes. However, if you use the image of this site for the academic or scientific purpose (e.g. conference presentation or paper), you have to show quoting from this site. 


ex) Shimizu, S., K. Watanabe, M. Ito & S. Fujie (2015) Image database of parasitoid wasps. (http://parasitoidwasp-db.jimdo.com/) (***. ***. 2015 update)


 If you use the image of this site for  the non-personal, -academic or -scientific purpose (i.e. commercial purposes), please contact representative manager of this site in advance at the following address: parasitoidwasp.sou[at]gmail.com.